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Camp Queue: Intro to eSports

A four day introduction to the world of eSports. Participants meet daily 1pm-4pm

July 12-15th      July 19-22nd     July 26-29th



Camp Overview.


  • Camps are a curated, social experience led by professional staff.

  • All gamers grades 4-12 welcome! Campers do not need a minimum level of gaming experience to participate.

  • Each day campers take part in off-screen and on-screen activities focusing on skills such as team building, communication, leadership, and critical thinking.

  • Campers will get to experience gaming and eSports in a whole new way as members of the Pella Community High School eSports League, current & former collegiate eSports players, and collegiate eSports coaches join periodically throughout the week to participate in Q&A’s with the campers.

  • Campers have access to play some of the more common collegiate/professional eSports games (League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, & Mario Kart 8).



Why Esports?


  • There are currently over 200 colleges and universities that offer esports programs.

  • There are 151 member schools of the National Association of Collegiate Esports, the only official governing body for varsity esports, and 335 schools offering esports opportunities nationwide.

  • Each year over $25 million in scholarships are awarded for college and university esports players.

  • Esports improves hand-eye coordination, improves attention & visual acuity, improves visual processing & executive function, helps develop problem solving & strategy skills, boosts self confidence, & increases player socialization.

  • 71% of parents reported that gaming had a net positive effect for children according to recent studies.

  • The fields of medicine and computer science as well as the military (each branch of the military now has their own esports team) tend to seek candidates with gaming experience.

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